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Update by 26.04.2014
Tape price - 1-4 EUR (exept special edition)
CD price - 2,5-9 EUR
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Dagor Dagorath (Isr) - Disident (Darzamadicus Rec) CD, 12-page booklet, 250 p.
GIGGEROTAH (Rus) - Call Of Zamiel (Dark East Prod) digipack, 150 p.
Reptilian Death (Ind) - The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence (Darzamadicus Rec) CD, 16-page booklet, 250 p.
Sacramental Blood (Ser) / Heretical Guilt (Ser) / Blasphererion (Ser) - Triple Death Threat (Darzamadicus Rec) CD, 6-page booklet, 200 p.
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Available Stavropol Nekrodivizion releases
ALIENATION COLD - Nothing, Nobody, Never... (S.N.D. Prod) CD, 2-panal digipack, slip-box, 300 р.
BAAL ZEBUTH - Unholy Baal Zebuth (Wolfram Prod) CD, 8-page booklet, 250 p.
BAAL ZEBUTH - Necromysticism - Into The Chasm Of Hell (Nomos Dei Prod) CD, pasteboard lacquered A5 booklet, 250 p.
CYBER BAPHOMET - Directory human Delete (Nomos Dei Prod) CD, 4-page booklet, 200 p.
DEATHMOOR - Opus Morte III (Daemon Worship Prod) CD, 8-page booklet, 250 p.
DEATHMOOR - Mors... Sub Specie Aeterni (Nomos Dei Prod) CD, 8-page booklet, 200 p.
DEATHMOOR - Mors Ultima Ratio (Wolfram Prod) Tape 100 р.
DEATHMOOR - Salvo Honoris Morte (Wolfram Prod) Tape 100 р.
LASH / DEATHMOOR - Nausea of Inner City (Wolfram Prod) Tape 100 р.
LASHBLOOD - Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation (Daemon Worship Prod) CD, 16-page booklet, 250 p.
LASHBLOOD - Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation (S.N.D. Prod) T-shirt, S (girlie), L 500 р.
MISANTHROPIC ART - Antihumanity (Wolfram Prod) CD, 16-page booklet, 250 p.
MISANTHROPIC ART - Necrohumanity... World Self Finalizing (Nomos Dei Prod) CD, 8-page booklet, 250 p.
MISANTHROPIC ARТ - Black Spring (Nomos Dei Prod) CD, 2-panal digipack, 12-page booklet, 300 p.
MISANTHROPIC ART - The Streams Of Terror (S.N.D. Prod) 2 CDs, 3-panel digipack with booklet, 350 p.
MISANTHROPIC ART - The Streams Of Terror (S.N.D. Prod) T-shirt, S, M, XXL 600 p.
MISANTHROPIC ART - Dream Of The Dead (Wolfram Prod) Tape 100 р.
MISANTHROPIC ART - Homicides (Wolfram Prod) Tape 100 р.
NOT LAST RISE - Sfumato (Eerie Torture) CD, 3-panal digipack, 250 p.
SS-18 - Voices of Funeral (Wolfram Prod) Tape, 100 р.
SS-18 - Nuklearpteryx (Thou Shalt Kill! Records) CD, Jake Box, booklet, 400 p.
SS-18 - Tetraktis (Thou Shalt Kill! Records) CD, 3-panal digipack, poster 400 p.
SS-18 - Epoch Of Firewinged (Thou Shalt Kill! Records) CD, A5 digibook 400 p.


25 mm, metal
S.N.D. Prod (SND12), 2014
Stavropol Nekrodivizion (25 mm)
SS-18 (25 mm)
Sickrites I (25 mm)
Sickrites II (25 mm)
33 RUB / 1 EUR eaсh
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SS-18 - Nuklearpteryx

SS-18 - Nuklearpteryx

Jake Box CD, booklet
Thou Shalt Kill! Records (УБИЙ! CD 20)б 2014

1. Firewinged
2. Toxic Ghost Of Ypres
3. Deathly Abscesses Of Chemical City
4. Battalions Of The Last War
5. Dead Reality
6. Gloria Igneus Nuklearpteryx
7. Destruam Et Aedificabo
8. Post-apocalyptic Phoenix Cult

Total time: 00:47:11

400 RUB / 14 EUR
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MISANTHROPIC ART - The Streams Of Terror (T-Shirt)

Misanthropic Art - The Streams Of Terror
T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
S.N.D. Prod (SND11), 2014
600 RUB / 15 EUR

MISANTHROPIC ART - The Streams Of Terror

Misanthropic Art - The Streams Of Terror

2CDs, digipack, booklet
S.N.D. Prod (SND10), 2014

CD 1 - Chains
01 - Sterile Desert's Incarnation
02 - Buried Past (Annihilated Future)
03 - Technocratic Slavery
04 - The Streams Of Terror
05 - The Fall...
06 - Thousand Scorched Days Of Void
07 - Spiritual Emigration
08 - S.A.T.U.R.N.R.U.T.A.S.

CD 2 - Threads
01 - Yellow Threads Of Alienation
02 - Black Threads Of Scorn
03 - Red Threads Оf Hatred
04 - Threads

Total time: 01:20:27

350 RUB / 8 EUR

Новый альбом Misanthropic Art "The Streams Of Terror" представляет собой двухдисковое издание, состоящее из двух концептуальных частей - "Chains" и "Threads".  Альбом выпущен в двух версиях - обычной (двухдисковый джевл-бокс с 12-страничным буклетом) и коллекционной (3-панельный диджипак с 12-страничным буклетом).
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Moriturus & Xynobis - Confrontation Of Opposites

Moriturus & Xynobis - Confrontation of Opposites

CD, cardboard sleeve, envelop
S.N.D. Prod (SND09), 2013

1 - Panic Spreading (Moriturus & Xynobis)
2 - Confrontation of Opposites (Moriturus)
3 - Bloodthirsty Love (Moriturus)
4 - The Aral Sea (Moriturus)
5 - Psycho (Xynobis)
6 - Hysteria (Moriturus)
7 - Remembrance (Xynobis)

Total time: 32:05

200 RUB / 5 EUR

Moriturus и Xynobis – два проекта, существовавшие с 1994 по 1996, и явившиеся, во многом, предшественниками легендарной Karna. До сегодняшнего дня их наследие было доступно лишь единицам и воспринималось как история, канувшая в небытие и уступившая место более актуальным воплощениям.
Лишь один взгляд в будущее через зеркало прошлого, лишь осколок звука, упавшего в колодец предначертанного. Как пыль времени, неуловимо витающая в мертвенном воздухе реальности, своим наследием подчеркивающая смрад настоящего…
Moriturus and Xynobis are two projects that existed from 1994 to 1996. In many respects they were the predecessors of legendary Karna.
Until this day their legacy was available only for select individuals and was perceived as history sunk into oblivion as it gave way to more relevant incarnations.
Only one look into the future through the mirror of the past. Only a fragment of sound fallen into the well of predestination. Like dust of time subtly hovering in the dead air of reality, its heritage emphasizes the stench of modern times ...
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SS-18 - Children Of The New Epoch (T-Shirt)

SS-18 - Children Of The New Epoch
T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
S.N.D. Prod (SND08), 2013

600 RUB / 15 EUR
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Digi CD
Eerie Torture (ET04). 2013

01 - My Soul Is Flesh
02 - Touch. A Cold
03 - Whisper
04 - Afflatus (Iris)

Total time: 51:57

250 RUB / 6 EUR
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